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Rajasthani Moong Papad- Natural, Farm-made and Handrolled - Soda Free, Sun Dried

Rajasthani Moong Papad- Natural, Farm-made and Handrolled - Soda Free, Sun Dried

Using our age old recipe, the Moong Daal Papad is handmade and handrolled in our villages in Rajasthan. It does not contain any chemicals, additives or preservatives. It is Soda Free (contains natural plant based rising agent Sajji Khaar) and is Sun dried for best natural taste.


The special recipe invoves mixing three different gluten-free  flours of mung beans, urd beans and moth beans together with our special heeng (asafoetida), natural black pepper, rock salt, sajji khaar and spices. After the flours are mixed into a spicy dough by hand, they are then handrolled skillfully. Handrolling of papad is a time taking process as the papad needs to be thin and within the right proportions. It is a pure labour of love.


At our farms we practice natural and regenarative farming;  a holistic practice that uses the power of photosynthesis in plants to sequester carbon in the soil while improving soil health, crop yields, water resilience, and nutrient density. 


Inspired by ancient wisdom, sustainability, and holistic living; we grow and sell high-quality handcrafted food made in small batches by household village women in and around our farm and villages.


Gluten Free

  • Ingredients-

    Moong Flour, Moth Flour, Urd Flour, Black Pepper, Sajji Khar, Salt, Asafoetida and Spices

  • Shelf Life-

    4 months from packed date. Store in an airtight container.

  • Texture-

    Due to natural and traditional nature of the product; color, texture, flavour and aroma may vary in each lot/batch.

  • Health Benefits-

    Gluten Free


  • Bulk Orders-

    Customized bulk orders are welcome. Please email with your enquiry.

  • Recycle-

    For our reatil products, we try our best to use packaging that can be reused multiple times by our customers. In order to reduce wastage, we pack our shipments in used-cardboard boxes and encourage our customers to reuse the boxes before recycling

  • Tags-

    Papad, Gluten Free, Rajasthani

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