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Ecological Agri Tech

Ecological Agri Tech



Food Security

As the world population continues to grow, much more effort and innovation is needed in order to sustainably increase agricultural production. At Abja Farm we grow sustainable crops to aid India's food security.


Seed Making

Investing in quality seeds is the first step towards a flourishing farm. By selecting foundation seeds with superior genetics, at Abja Farm we make seeds for various companies and contribute towards India's bright future.


Agri Tech

On our farms we incorporate cutting-edge agri-tech tools such as precision agriculture, artificial intelligence, bio science and soil bacteria inoculations for contributing to a greener and a more food-secure future.

Woman in a Field

About Us

"Abja अब्ज" in Sanskrit means, that which is born from water; Lotus. Inherited from Sanskrit अप् (ap, “water”) + ज (ja, “produced from”).


As first generation novice farmers, in 2020 we established Abja Organic Farm, (organic certified regenerative natural farm), near Khatu Shyam, Rajasthan, a semi arid region in Western India.

Making India Food Secure 

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